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Yuchai Diesel Generator


Yuchai engine group co., LTD is a large modern enterprise group, a wholly owned subsidiary, holding, equity participation has more than 30. With Bosch, Capitol le, wartsila and other international technology suppliers signed a strategic cooperation agreement, formed with independent research and development technology as the core, docking leading-edge technology, unique manufacturing diesel engines. Products are widely used in the truck, trailer, construction machinery, mining machinery, agricultural machinery, ships, etc.
Choose the reason of yuchai engine:
1, yuchai diesel engine USES the alloy material of concave and convex body, on both sides of the   curved surface to strengthen, enhance the stiffness and damping performance.
2, the two oil duct in the body, equipped with special nozzle for piston spray cooling in a row,   effectively reduce diesel engine heat load.
3, the configuration of new silicone oil shock absorber, make diesel engine work more smoothly.
4, diesel engine equipped with monitor and stop device, and realize the water temperature, oil temperature, oil pressure, speed automatic alarm and emergency stop.

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