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Isuzu Diesel Generator

Isuzu motor company was founded in 1937, is one of the world's largest and one of the oldest diesel engine manufacturing enterprise, its products all over the world by users. Isuzu commercial vehicles and the production of diesel engine is now among the world's highest. The first-class technology and process, the development of high-tech, low pollution of diesel engine products. 
1. The DENSO unit of high pressure common rail injection system, high pressure common rail biggest    advantage is that can be flexible to adjust injection pressure, injection timing, injection       rate and injection of high precision. Lightweight design,
2、 engine, using the casting aluminum alloy and aluminum alloy piston cylinder head, and adopted    the high frequency quenching process, the cast iron cylinder cancelled the traditional engine     cylinder liner design, that in the overall strength and also can reduce weight. 
3, variable swirl combustion chamber, the use of variable swirl combustion chamber structure, it     is easier to form efficient vortex in the engine combustion chamber, improve overall fuel     utilization. 

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