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Cummins Diesel Generator


 As the world's largest independent engine manufacturer, cummins has the widest range of power product line of diesel and natural gas engines, displacement covers 1.4-91 litres, 31-3500 - kw power range, widely used in truck, trailer, construction machinery, mining machinery, agricultural machinery, ships, etc.
Choose the reason of cummins engine:
1, advanced technology, to adapt to the harsh working conditions, high strength, heavy duty work   ability;
2, hall saite exhaust bypass valve, power performance is better;
3, the integrated design of cylinder block, reduce the connection, failure rate is low;
4, excellent reliability, USES the camshaft and crankshaft forging steel, high strength design of   cylinder body, strong resistance to high pressure, strong service life;
5, high pressure fuel pump rotor, less energy loss, strong power, low fuel consumption, low noise.

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