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MTU Diesel Generator

German Benz of MTU 2000 series, 4000 series is currently the most advanced diesel engines, and equipment in the world unique MDEC electronic management system, the electronic management system, the equivalent of the engine with an industrial computer, and there are a lot of sensors by many cable connected to the computer, the computer in the block is fixed before delivery, to ensure that in a different environment, different condition, can give a best injection volume, injection pressure, Angle, opening and closing time.
Electronic management system, there are two obvious advantages:
A, Germany mercedes-benz engine is the lowest fuel consumption in the world;
Second, the German mercedes-benz engine overhaul time is 24000 hours to 30000 hours for the first time. , become the world's longest first overhaul of the engine.
Choose a Mercedes engine
1, low degree of pollution emissions. Low fuel consumption. Low pollution!
2, technology advanced
Advanced - MDEC electronic engine management system; Advanced fuel injection system, turbo technology and cooling technology.

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