Efficient diesel generating sets the oil solution

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Focus on topics of the diesel engine has been heavily polluting industries With the development of the society, t
Focus on topics of the diesel engine has been heavily polluting industries.
With the development of the society, the car is becoming more and more industry more and more developed, waste gas exhaust is rising year by year.
This gives the atmosphere pollution have a big impact.
Because of the pollution is more and more intensified.
Facing a serious pollution problem of diesel engine, to improve the pollution problem of the weifang diesel engine, will, from the perspective of the fundamental, to take some necessary means.
Water in the fuel oil is a good way.
For weichai power generation units of water are two ways: one is the water inlet pipe, is a kind of emulsified diesel oil.
The function of water inlet pipe is endothermic and diluted fuel density.
When a small amount of water into the combustion chamber and atomization, due to the effect of "micro explosion" of the water vapor droplets broken into smaller droplets, thus promoting the mixture formation and combustion. Due to the effect of heat of the water in the process of burning the maximum combustion temperature is reduced, water mixed with oil injection can reduce the fuel density, to further reduce the maximum combustion temperature, so the NOx emissions.
It's important to note that diesel generator set winter antifreeze storage tank, and demand along with the load size automatically adjust the volume of water, etc.
Methods of emulsified diesel oil is directly to the diesel oil in water.
The fuel spray is good, and the combustion chamber of the air to form strong turbulence, fuel and air distribution more uniform, the generated reduce carbon smoke. Water vapor water gas reaction also reduce carbon smoke emission.
In addition, emulsified diesel oil can decrease the maximum combustion temperature, thus NOx generation decreases.
The nature of the above two ways are the same.
Are watered in diesel with the purpose of emulsified diesel oil.
In this way, the hebei generators diesel fuel in the combustion, discharge fee smoke will reduce a lot

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