The classification of the diesel engine

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Diesel engine according to the nature of the failure consequences, the guiding ideology of the reliability centere
Diesel engine according to the nature of the failure consequences, the guiding ideology of the reliability centered maintenance that failure consequence is more important than the failure frequency and failure consequence can affect play an important part of normal function, can replace defective parts cost, can damage the equipment, the whole system and even cause casualties.
Therefore, failure consequence determines the order of the maintenance work and suggest modify the part design in a timely manner.
Failure consequences according to the properties can be divided into four categories:
1) security failure consequences.
This kind of failure can cause machine crash, need to adopt preventive maintenance way, raise the risk of failure rate is reduced to an acceptable level;
Otherwise, the relevant parts project will be redesigned.
2) use failure consequences.
Fault can interfere with the use of this kind of plan, due to the declining ability of the machine work, other indirect economic loss (for example, to use in the economy, etc.).
On cost based on the analysis of the effect, can take preventive maintenance way to solve these problems.
3) the usability failure consequences.
The consequences of such failure to use no direct adverse impact.
Using redundancy design of the device, for example, one of the device after a failure, only need to replace or repair when convenient.
As a result, the usability results can be used in the way.
4) concealment failure consequences.
This kind of general won't produce direct consequences of adverse effects.
But, when a piece of hiding failure consequences associated with one or several piece of fault, if the first part of the function of fault for hidden reason has not been found, so that the second part and failure, resulting in multiple fault, will lead to failure, risk must be taken to prevent maintenance way to reduce this risk factor.

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