How to maintain the cummins generator

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Cummins generator engine maintenance(1) in terms of the new engine maintenance cummins generator is important facto
Cummins generator engine maintenance
(1) in terms of the new engine maintenance cummins generator is important factors.
Cummins engine when started to use, should pay attention to the following:
1. The car before starting to work in low speed, prevent high speed heavy load go;
2. Cummins engine idle work or full load operation to stop beyond 5 minutes at full speed.
3. The right shift, prevent engine hard.
4. Often investigate the oil temperature, oil pressure, water temperature table operation condition.
5. Always check the oil, cooling fluid level.
6. Do not allow the trailer, 70% of the rated load capacity is less than cars.
(2) maintenance cummins generator set should pay attention to the engine start.
1. The first unleashed cummins generator set before every day to see the cooling liquid level, oil scale, and on the water and the oil-water separator.
2. After the engine start, within 15 seconds, attention to investigate the change of oil pressure.
3. After the initial launch daily, should be in the low speed warming-up 5 minutes to start, it necessary to do so the temperature is below 0 ℃.
(3) maintenance cummins generator set to pay attention to the stop of the engine.
Engine downtime at work before, it is necessary to idle work 3 ~ 5 minutes, so that the lubricating oil and cooling fluid take away the heat of combustion chamber, bearing and conflict vice, pressurization and turbocharged inter-cooled engine, in particular, is especially important.

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