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2017-04-01 15:38:47   
Diesel generator used for a long time, can& 39;t avoid will produce in the parts wear and tear For generator wat
Diesel generator used for a long time, can't avoid will produce in the parts wear and tear.
For generator water tank, water tank inside the scale not only affect the generator cooling effect, and can reduce the service life of diesel engines, therefore, suzhou generator manufacturers advising clients to should keep clear of in time the scale of tanks in diesel engine, in case we use for a long time.
Clean diesel generator tank scale concrete operation method is: first of all, with 30 kg water 2.5 kg caustic soda and kerosene as cleaning fluid, 0.6 kg in the tank.
Then start the engine, medium speed running off after about 10 minutes.
For 10 to 12 hours after the restart, diesel engines, medium speed running down about 10 minutes, let out cleaning fluid.
Join clean starting diesel engine cooling water, medium speed run clean on its own.
So again and again 2 to 3 times, the scale can be completely cleared away.

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