Use diesel generating set is not the consequences of ventilation

2017-04-01 15:47:17   
On April 5, 2012 in dalian high-tech zone ling water bay a construction to workers& 39; dormitories, there are a
On April 5, 2012 in dalian high-tech zone ling water bay a construction to workers' dormitories, there are a pair of husband and wife, unfortunately was poisoned the poisoning reason is quite likely related to the dormitory of the generator.
Accident happened in a high-tech zone ling water bay for construction land, the reporter arrived, policemen are the field.
Site controller introduces, death is a pair of husband and wife, heilongjiang to even work is about 50 years old, lived in site dormitory, because we haven't this construction site construction, water, electricity and other facilities are not on the aspects of site to two people with a generator, may be the result two generators from carbon monoxide poisoning.
Site head: "rightness, toxic poisoning, perhaps is the generator, also is not to say that a criminal case, the Windows and doors are quite good."
In forensic investigation after the scene, will the dead body away.
The families of the dead then rushed to the scene, and take care of things.
At present, the cause of the accident is still under further investigation.
According to understand, diesel generating sets in when they work out a large amount of carbon monoxide, inhaling too much, is easy to produce risk, so use diesel generator should try to choose ventilated place.

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