Diesel generator room needs reasonable design in order to improve safety

2017-04-04 15:14:07   
Many customers when the choose and buy next, but for the design of the room.
Actually even if be again good diesel generators, without a good work environment, is also very easy to cause accidents, so the diesel generator room to pass reasonable design in order to improve the safety,
1, according to the size of the equipment, determine the usable floor area of room need.
Cooling system, the exhaust system, fuel tanks, electrical equipment cabinets are to occupy usable floor area of equipment, according to the use of these equipment budget out of the room area, but also set aside appropriate area.
2, a key step in the design of computer room is the radiator outflow of hot air export to computer room to prevent backflow, outside of temperature in the room as far as possible to keep the lowest, guarantee the normal work of the generator can be.
3, silencer and exhaust pipes of engine room must be designed on the roof, in diesel generator set vent and rigid pipe installed between a long section type.
4, the diesel generator room in the hot air inlet cover and all other connection part of the diesel generating set must be soft, such as fuel pipe, electrical connection, etc.
Diesel generators, of course, in addition to relying on reasonable room design to ensure safety, little also not standard operation and regular inspection and maintenance, only do this a few link, to maximize the safety of the generating set.
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