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With oil prices rising, most people after buying diesel generator set, in order to save the cost, are concerned
With oil prices rising, most people after buying diesel generator set, in order to save the cost, are concerned about its fuel consumption.
Why some diesel generator set fuel consumption more, some less?
Below by starlight technology to teach you a few surprise surprise, can let you love machine more fuel-efficient.
A, timely removal of carbon deposit
Diesel generators, relevant component in the process of combustion operation to produce high temperature causes ash charcoal polymer adhere to the valve, valve seat, nozzle, the piston at the top of the place such as, if not timely clearance, which increases fuel consumption, leading to affect the normal work of the engine, general cleaning time is 4 to 6 months.
Second, the temperature of cooling water in a 45-65 ℃
If the cooling water temperature is too low will cause incomplete combustion of diesel will increase load machine itself.
Also needs certain conditions the choice of cooling water, unfavorable use minerals "soft water", such as distilled water, rain water, unfavorable also use water and muddy water.
Second, do not overload movement
If overload operation, will cause part of diesel engine diesel into black smoke, don't play a proper efficacy, which increases fuel consumption, but also can shorten the service life of the related parts and components.
In addition to the above mentioned fuel-efficient ways, according to the regular maintenance manual of diesel generator maintenance and maintenance is also very important.
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