How to make the diesel generator safety for the winter

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Winter has quietly but go to, but how to make the price does not poor safety and useful diesel generator for
Winter has quietly but go to, but how to make the price does not poor safety and useful diesel generator for the winter, is a problem concerned by many users.
Below small make up by jiangsu starlight power equipment co., diesel generating sets and share with you the winter use matters should be paid attention to.
A, carefully choose diesel.
Winter should choose low solidifying point and ignition performance good light diesel oil, diesel oil solidifying point of lowest temperature should be lower than the local current season 7-10 ℃.
Because winter low temperature will reduce the liquidity of diesel, make viscosity increases, it is not easy to spray powder, easy to cause atomization bad, not fully burning, leading to diesel generator power decline, resulting in waste.
Second, on the water shoulds not be too early or cooling water.
Stall should be idle before operation, cooling water temperature dropped to below 60 ℃, water is not difficult, to stall.
If early to put off the cooling water, the body in higher temperature snap-back, suddenly cold air invasion occurs when a crack.
The remaining water in the water when the body should be completely discharge, avoid the frozen swelling, make the body burst.
Three, unfavorable use flame combustion starting.
Can't take the air filter, dip in with cotton on diesel burning into kindling in inlet pipe implementation of combustion.
So in the process of launching, outside dust will directly without filtering inhaled air in cylinder, piston, cylinder parts, such as abnormal wear and tear, will form a diesel engine operation is straightforward, damage machine.
After four, diesel engine start should be run for 3-5 minutes at low speed, in order to improve the temperature of the diesel engine, check the lubrication oil work, check the normal before put into normal operation.
In the operation of the diesel engine will minimize sudden rev up or the accelerator to the largest operation, or after a long time will affect the service life of the valve components.
Fifth, should pay attention to the body heat preservation.
Winter temperatures low, easy to make diesel engine cooling excessive homework.
Therefore, heat preservation is extend the service life of diesel generating set must be measures in winter.
In the north, the winter use diesel generating sets shall be equipped with thermal insulation and heat preservation shade and other protective equipment.
Six, unfavorable use flame baking pan.
Keep within the oil sump oil metamorphosis, and even burning, smooth function decline or complete loss, then increase the machine wear.
When winter should choose low condensation point of the oil, can choose the way of clear water bath heating to improve the oil temperature.

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