Diesel generators can't start the cause and the solution

2017-04-07 13:43:28   
1, there is air in the fuel systemCheck the fuel line joint looseness, eliminate the air in the fuel system Fir
1, there is air in the fuel system
Check the fuel line joint looseness, eliminate the air in the fuel system.
First rotary screw pump and the vent on the fuel filter, oil pump with the hand, until the spilled oil in no bubble after tighten vent screw.
Pump oil again, when back into the tubing with oil return pump tighten the hand again.
Loosen the nut at the end of the high pressure oil pipe in the fuel injector, pry high fuel injection pump plunger spring, when the nozzle flow of fuel in the tighten nut after no bubble, and then picked a few times, so each cylinder, make each cylinder full of fuel injector.
2, fuel line congestion, check whether the line is clear.
3, fuel filter blocking, clean filter or change the filter element.
4, oil transfer pump oil or intermittent oil supply, check whether the oil inlet is a flat, into the tubing connector on the screen is blocked.
If still no oil after rule out, should check the inlet pipe and oil transfer pump
5, and very little fuel injection, injection oil or oil atomization, the fuel injector, down on the high pressure oil pump, pry for fuel pump plunger spring, see the spray unpick and wash when necessary.
Check and adjust injection pressure on the fuel injector test bench to the prescribed scope or replace injector matching parts.
6, fuel injection pump speed control lever position is wrong, should push handle position when starting to light, the position of the speed of about 700-900 r/min.

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