Diesel generator set installation specification

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First, the preparation before installation(1) handling of the unitShould be paid attention to when carrying on the
First, the preparation before installation
(1) handling of the unit
Should be paid attention to when carrying on the lifting rope should be tied in place, drop spike light.
When the unit shipped to the destination, should try to put inside storeroom, if there is no need in the open-air warehouse storage, will cushion tank is high, to prevent rain wet, box should be sealed by rain on the tent, in case of or damage to equipment.
, because of the large unit volume weight is very heavy, before installation should be arranged transport routes, in computer handling should be reserved.
If the door is not big enough, can use window location set aside larger handling mouth, after being unit moved into, and again build by laying bricks or stones wall and install Windows and doors.
(2) out of the
Out before should first remove dust, check the box for damage.
Verify the case number and amount, when out of the box don't damage the machine.
Out of the order is folding roof, and then open sides.
After unpacking should do the following work:
(1) according to the unit count all units and accessories list and packing list;
(2) to see whether the main dimensions of the unit and accessories are in conformity with the drawings;
3. Check whether there is any damage or corrosion on the unit and accessories;
(4) if the unit after check, can't timely installation, should remove the parts processed surface coated with anti-rust oil again, properly protected.
The transmission part and the sliding part of the unit, don't turn before rust-proof oil has not been clear.
If check after removing the anti-rust oil, again after the check should be coated with anti-rust oil.
(5) when unpacking the case of the unit should pay attention to, must be placed, flange and various interface must be blocks, bandaging, prevent rain and dust in.
(3) line positioning
According to the unit on the unit and the wall or column marked layout between center and the relationship between the unit and the unit size, delimit the installation location of vertical and horizontal line.
Unit center with wall or column between the allowable deviation of 20 mm, the allowable deviation between the unit and the unit to 10 mm.
(4) check the equipment ready to install
Check equipment, understand the design content and construction drawings, according to the design drawings for material preparation, and according to construction plans to material according to the order into the construction site.
If there is no design drawings, should refer to the instruction, and according to the requirement of use and installation of equipment, at the same time considering water supply, power supply, maintenance and use, etc., determine the size and position of the civil plane, draw the unit plan.
(5) to prepare lifting equipments and installation tools
Second, the installation of the unit
(1) measurement basis and vertical and horizontal centerline of the unit
Unit is in place before, should be in accordance with the drawings "pay-off" draw the foundation and the vertical and horizontal centerline of the unit and shock absorber positioning line.
(2) lifting unit
Lifting application enough strength of steel wire rope in the lifting position of the unit, cannot be set on the shaft, also want to prevent tubing and bruised face, will lift crew as required, on the basis of the centerline and shock absorber, and the cushion flat unit.
(3) unit leveling
Use of shim to level the machine.
Installation precision is the longitudinal and transverse horizontal deviation of 0.1 mm per meter. There can be no interval between shim and stand, make its force uniform.
Exhaust pipe installation should pay attention to the exposed part of the exhaust pipe should not be in contact with the wood or other flammable substances.
Smoke tube socket extension must allow the occurrence of thermal expansion, etc into the smoke pipe can prevent rain.
The exhaust pipe laying there are two ways:
(1) the level of overhead: the advantage is less turn, small resistance;
Defect is the difference in indoor heat dissipation, high room temperature.
(2) within the trench laying: good advantage is indoor heat dissipation;
Weakness turns, large resistance.
(3) of the exhaust pipe of high temperature, temperature of computer room to prevent burns operator and reduce the radiation of the ascension, appropriate heat treatment, heat preservation heat resistant material can use glass or aluminum silicate bandage, heat insulation, noise reduction effect.
Third, the installation of exhaust system
The exhaust system of diesel generator set work definition refers to the diesel generator set in the computer room, based on after the installation of engine exhaust mouth exhaust pipe connected to the computer room.
(2) diesel generator set exhaust system includes a standard configuration and engine muffler, corrugated pipe, flange, elbow, padding and computer connected to the exhaust pipe outside the room.
Exhaust system should be as far as possible, reduce the amount of bend and shorten the total length of the exhaust pipe and unit or it will lead to the exhaust pressure increase, and make the unit produces too much power loss, affecting the normal operation of the unit and reduce the service life of the unit normal.
Diesel generator set in the technical data of the exhaust pipe diameter is generally based on the exhaust pipe length is 6 m and at most a bend and the installation of a muffler.
When the exhaust system in the actual installation is beyond the specified length and the number of elbow, should be appropriate increase exhaust pipe diameter, and increase the number of amplitude depends on the exhaust pipe length and bend.
Out of the first paragraph from the units turbocharger exhaust manifold pipes must contain a flexible corrugated pipe section.
The corrugated pipe has random matching to the customer, the exhaust pipe in the second paragraph should be elastic support, in order to avoid the exhaust pipe installation is unreasonable, or run-time exhaust system caused by thermal effect and produce the relative displacement of the additional lateral stress and compressive stress to the unit, exhaust pipes all supporting institutions and suspension device should have a degree of elasticity.
When the room with one or more units bear in mind that the exhaust system of each unit shall be independent design and installation.
Must not be allowed to make different units share a vent pipe, in order to avoid the different runtime for different units of the exhaust pressure caused by abnormal motion, and increasing the exhaust back pressure and prevent the reverse flow of waste gas, smoke through the common pipe, affecting the normal power output unit, or even cause damage to the unit.
Fourth, the installation of electrical system
(1) the installation of the cable
Cable way of directly buried, used in cable trench, and along the wall for laying a few kinds.
(2) the cable laying path choice
Should be considered when choosing a cable path of the following principles:
At least 1) power shortest path and turn;
(2) make the cable as little as possible affected by factors such as mechanical, chemical and land in the current role and damage;
(3) the general requirements of cable laying
Cable laying, must comply with the relevant technical regulation planning and design requirements.
(1) under the condition of laying condition permits, cable length can consider the allowance of 1.5 ﹪ ~ 2), as a backup, maintenance shall be wavy bury the buried cable.
(2) for cable entry or introduce buildings or structures, cable across the floor, and the main walls, from the cable channel to the pole, or along the wall cable laying on the ground 2 m height and buried a 0.25 m deep.
Steel cable should wear protection, steel pipe diameter shall not be less than 2 times of cable diameter.

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