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A, A grade diesel generator set maintenance inspectionGenerator if the operator to get the best effect, the engin
A, A grade diesel generator set maintenance inspection
Generator if the operator to get the best effect, the engine will have to maintain the best state of machinery, the maintenance department needs from the operator run daily report, schedule a time to make the necessary adjustments, and according to the need of the report suggests a pre-arranged project more maintenance, to compare and correct explanation engine daily operation report, and then to take practical measures, will eliminate most of the fault, without the need for emergency repair.
1, before starting, check the engine oil plane, some oil on the feet have two kinds of tag, mark "H" high and low marks "L";
2, generator oil gauge to check the oil on the surface, in order to get accurate readings, oil surface should stop 15 minutes to check in, the oil feet should maintain and original oil pan pairing, as much as possible to maintain high oil plane close to the "H" tag, pay attention to when the oil surface is lower than the low mark "L" or higher than the high mark "H", never to engine operation;
3, should be increased and engine cooling fluid plane, maintain full to the working plane of the cooling system, every day or every time plane refueling time check coolant, check the cause of the cooling fluid consumption, check on the plane can only be used after the cooling cooling fluid;
4, check whether the belt is relaxation, if there is a belt creep phenomenon should be adjusted;
5, the following normal after boot, and check for the following:
Lubricating oil pressure;
Whether the power;
Cooling water and the oil temperature is normal;
The engine sound is normal;
Unit discharge waste gas conditions;
Cooling liquid fuel or lubricating oil consumption;
Fuel oil, cooling fluid or oil leakage.
Second, the diesel generator set B maintenance inspection
In each class "B" maintenance inspection, to complete all of the "A" grade examination project, add the following items change engine oil, the main program and the results of the analysis of limit listed in the following:
(1) "B" grade a check of the oil replacement
1. Start the engine to working temperature, stop engine, discharged from the bottom of the oil pan drain plug, release the oil;
2. The drain plug back into the oil pan, screw torque for 50 to 60 pounds' (70 ~ 70 Newton meters);
3. The filling into the crankcase oil to oil feet "H" high mark in the place;
4. To start the engine, visual inspection for oil leakage phenomenon;
5. Stop the engine, wait 15 minutes standby oil flow back to the oil pan with oil feet check again after the oil in the plane, if you need to add.
Should comply with the specifications, the use of oil and should be put on the original filter.
2 lubricating oil change cycle
1. The oil change cycle is determined according to the instructions on the use of the unit;
2. The period of 250 hours or 4 months (subject to first come);
3. Determine the oil change cycle according to the following variables: 1 > fuel consumption per hour;
2 > every little time to oil consumption;
3 > oil filtration system.
4. Each generator to run a 400-500 hours or one and a half years to replace style, each running 250 hours, or a year to replace diesel oil, machine oil and water.
Three, diesel generator set C level maintenance inspections;
1. Technical maintenance level B content;
2. Thoroughly clean fuel oil including the fuel tank, filter, oil pipe, diesel fuel pump, fuel injection nozzle;
3. A thorough examination cleaning lubricating system, including the crankcase, oil pipe, oil filter, oil pump, oil cooler, etc., and oil change, special attention should be paid to the oil cooler, whether the tubing corrosion or damage;
4. Check the generator, electric motor commutator is imbalance, and use sand paper to fouling, check the spring brush;
5. Check the valve timing system and on STC valve, be adjusted when necessary;
6. Cleaning cooling system, the solution of 150 grams of heavy, plus six litres of water, cleaning before all water cooling system is put first, and then into the same amount of cleaning solution, so as to avoid suspension solution of precipitation, and then clean with water cooling system;
7. Each cumulative after 1500 hours, the generator and motor apart, clean all the parts on the old bearing, butter change new, etc., at the same time, check the starter gear;
8. Common view generators every part, and make the necessary correction and adjustment.
Four, repairing diesel generator set maintenance inspection
1. Perform maintenance level C content;
2. Check the cylinder cover components: remove the cylinder head, cylinder head, valve, valve seat, valve guide, valve springs, the rocker arm and rocker arm with the wear situation, necessary for sharpening or replacement;
3. Down the piston, connecting rod, check the cleaning, piston, cylinder liner wear degree, should be replaced when necessary.
4. Check the connecting rod, connecting rod bearing, distribution agencies, regulator and other parts, such as loose or damaged, shall repair;
5. Open cover, from the lower cylinder liner check cylinder liner seal water like apron;
6. Open front cover, check whether the injector the drive gear cover congestion, such as congestion, it should be unobstructed;
7. Check the components of the crankshaft, the abrasion of thrust bearing, thrust plate, rolling main bearing inner and outer circle winding phenomenon, when it is necessary to replace;
8. Check the transmission mechanism, remove the front cover, observe the abrasion of gear meshing surface, and the meshing clearance measurement, necessary for repair or replacement;
9. Check the fuel injector, check the fuel injector fuel injection condition on the special test bench, necessary fuel injector components such as for grinding or replacement;
Check the fuel injection pump, check the components such as plunger seals and wear and tear on antirust pin, be replaced when necessary;
10. Check the oil pump, cooling water pump, turbocharger, to overhaul and measurement of quick-wear part, and adjust;
11. Check the charger and start the motor, cleaning components, bearing blow dry after filling the new lubricating oil, check whether starter gear wear and transmission device is flexible;
12. The sediment, dirt cleaning waterways within the scale;
13. When installation, must change the upper piston rings, connecting rod, repair kits, lower repair kits.
Note: intermediate maintenance, should be in the unit running 6000 hours, or please professional maintenance personnel for a year and a half, depending on the actual situation of the generator.

Overhaul should be based on working 10000 hours and to determine the actual usage, some units due to improper use or long-term overloaded work, working hours may not yet have reached a regulation can't continue to work, and the need for overhaul, to determine the general should be based on the following aspects:
1. The internal combustion engine work is weak, and rear axle loading speed decreases significantly, voice mutation and exhaust smoke;
2. The internal combustion engine starting at room temperature is difficult, running in the process of crankshaft bearing, connecting rod bearing and piston pin tapping;
3. The internal combustion engine in the normal working cylinder pressure can not meet the prescribed 70%;
Oil pressure is lower than 30 psi.
4. The internal combustion engine oil fuel consumption increased significantly;
5. Cylinder ovality, the clearance between the piston and cylinder;
Crankshaft neck and ovality of connecting rod journal, exceed the prescribed limits;
Crankshaft bending, generator exciter commutator round loss serious, commutator brush spark have crack, commutator ablation, etc., in addition, such as power generation mechanical and electrical cabinet and field coil insulation level is too low, suffered after tide dry coil insulation resistance than normal number, etc.;
Overhaul maintenance and repairing by professional maintenance personnel to perform maintenance content, to the crankshaft, connecting rod, piston, camshaft and other parts for inspection, depending on the technical parameters for repair or update, to the crankshaft, connecting rod, cylinder liner, piston ring, overhaul package must be replaced.

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